Anheuser-Busch has revealed plans to launch a new variant in its Bacardi Silver range. Bacardi Silver Watermelon will be backed by a new advertising campaign.

Watermelon joins the Bacardi Silver range of O3, RAZ, Low Carb Black Cherry, Low Carb Green Apple and the original Bacardi Silver.

"The introduction of Bacardi Silver Watermelon is another example of how two dynamic companies work together to produce innovative products that continue to meet the needs of adult consumers who thirst for variety," said Celio Romanach, vice president and managing director of Bacardi Beverage Company, a division of Bacardi U.S.A, Inc.

"We're proud to continue our relationship with Anheuser-Busch and we're excited about the new addition of Watermelon to the Bacardi Silver family of products."

Bacardi Silver Watermelon is 5% alcohol by volume. The brand's suggested pricing will be on par with other flavours in the Bacardi Silver line.