Beverage Marketing Corporation, the leading provider of data, consulting and financial services to the global beverage industry has created a gateway to comprehensive, timely information about the beverage industry. Its new Web site - - offers access to authoritative data and insightful analysis of the major industry sectors in the U.S. and around the world.

New York City-based Beverage Marketing Corporation, which was founded in 1972, publishes more than two dozen industry-standard market reports annually. The new Web site allows readers to obtain entire reports in print or CD-ROM format or electronically via BMC DataDirect. It also allows users to view sample data from the most recent edition of each of Beverage Marketing's reports, which cover bottled water, beer, carbonated soft drinks, fruit beverages and the other beverage categories, as well as related topics such as packaging and electronic commerce in the beverage industry.

For more than 20 years, Beverage Marketing has published its Directory, which contains company profiles of every significant beverage company in the U.S. The new Web site allows industry players to provide up-to-date information about their companies for inclusion in the Directory, at no cost. The Directory, which is available in print and electronic formats, can also be ordered via the Web site.

The site also provides Beverage Marketing's informative press releases on recent industry developments and soon will post the regular column written by Beverage Marketing's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Michael C. Bellas, for Beverage World International magazine.

"Finally, the beverage industry information you need is available at the press of a button," observes Mr.Bellas.

For more than 15 years, Beverage Marketing has provided consulting services to beverage industry leaders as well as start-ups. Through its BMC/HAAS Financial affiliate, the company offers specialized financial services ranging from merger and acquisition assignments to programs in corporate development, funding, valuations and due diligence review. The new Web site details all of the company's services.