Stella Artois is to launch two new adverts in the UK. The advertising is part of a GBP40m marketing spend by Interbrew UK on the brand this year.

The first advert, Ice Skating Priests, will air on TV nationally from Saturday (14 May) until the end of the year. The 90-second ad focuses on a group of priests from a Provencal abbey who are caught in a surprise snowfall. They head for the nearest lake for an impromptu skating session which ends precariously for one of the priests.

Bench, which is shot in black and white in the style of the surrealist films of the early 20th Century, will be aired initially in "arthouse" cinemas from mid-May. The 60-second ad is a slant on the classic films of artists such as Salvador Dali, which portrays a series of increasingly bizarre events.