Nestle takes on Elitvoda Ru over Russia imports

Nestle takes on Elitvoda Ru over Russia imports

Nestle has filed a lawsuit against the Russian company Elitvoda Ru, accusing it of illegally importing Nestle products into Russia.

Elitvoda Ru imports Perrier, Vittel and S.Pellegrino water without the permission of Nestle, the Switzerland-based group has said. Nestle confirmed to just-drinks that it is taking legal action against Elitvoda Ru for infringing its intellectual property rights.

Elitvoda used to buy the mineral waters directly from the official importers of Nestle Russia before selling them. But, since last year, Nestle said that the firm obtains the products in Europe itself.

Elitvoda was quoted in the Russian media this week as denying the charges.

However, Nestle said: "Elitvoda Ru imports product not meant for selling in Russia. This kind of cargo doesn’t meet requirements of Russian legislation in terms of packaging, presence of obligatory information for consumers and infringes on our intellectual property rights," it said.

Last year, a Moscow court seized a batch of Evian water bottles that was imported into the country without the official permission of the trademark owner, Danone.