An agreement has been reached between Nestle Waters and trade unions on the company's restructuring plan for Sanpellegrino.

Nestle confirmed to just-drinks late yesterday (29 April) that it has agreed a deal with unions to ensure that the restructuring plan goes ahead.

Nestle is understood to be planning to shed 282 jobs as part of the Sanpellegrino restructure, which was initially announced last month.

Stefano Agostini, CEO of Sanpellegrino, said: "Now more than ever we call on the collaboration of all employees to realise the objectives of efficiency and competitiveness that the plan wants to reach, through a fair discussion and within the timing defined, in order not to compromise the expected results and in respect of the great efforts done by both parties up until now."

The company said it hopes to "restore competitiveness and efficiency" with as little impact as possible to the employees involved.

"An important part of the agreement calls for the engagement of all parties involved to address the unjustified and frequent attacks to mineral water, up until now underestimated, but that have damaged the reputation and image of the mineral water compartment and putting employment at risk," Agostini said.

Earlier this month, Nestlé Waters saw reported sales down 4% for the first three months of 2009, to CHF2.1bn (US$1.85bn).