Nestle is hoping to draw issues to a close at Perrier soon. The food and drinks giant announced late last week that a final meeting between its Nestle Waters France division and Perrier will take place in the coming days to vote on a restructuring plan.

Nestle said that it has received a court ruling in its favour instructing Perrier's union to meet with management. Negotiations between the two parties have stalled over the signing of an early retirement package.

The restructuring plan was initially due to expire on Thursday, but was held up awaiting the court's decision.

In a statement, Nestle Waters said that if scheduling the meeting ran into new difficulties, the restructuring plan "could be largely compromised."

Nestle has threatened to sell the unprofitable Perrier brand if its union does not agree to the restructuring, which applies to all of Nestle's French operations including Vittel and Contrex.