The Nestle-owned Ice Mountain Spring Water Co, which was told to stop drawing water from underground wells, has had its request for a retrial denied.

Circuit Court Judge Lawrence C. Root - who originally ruled against the water company on November 25 - said although the motion for a rehearing brought out new information and pointed out minor flaws in his initial opinion, it was nothing that would change his mind.

In November, Nestle Waters North America was told it could no longer draw water for its Ice Mountain bottled water brand from wells in a Michigan county.

The ruling was the result of a lawsuit filed by environmentalists who said the water-bottling operation was depleting neighbouring lakes, streams and wetlands.

But Nestle said it would pursue "all legal means" to appeal the decision.

And now Nestle says it plans to appeal to Michigan Court of Appeals and "very vigorously defend our position."

Terry Swier, president of Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, said Friday's ruling wasn't a surprise.

"(The group) is very excited about Judge Root's ruling, and it says again that the facts prove themselves," Swier said. "It says again that the water that is used in Michigan belongs in Michigan."