Nestlé Juicy Juice

Nestlé Juicy Juice

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Nestlé USA's Nestlé Juicy Juice Sparkling Fruit Juice Beverage

Category - Soft drink, fruit juice

Available - Now

Location - US, in local grocery and convenience stores across the country. It is also available in selected schools and children’s recreational areas

Price - SRP of $0.99 for single-serve 8.4oz cans and between US$2.68 and $2.99 for the four-can, multi-pack

Distribution - Nestlé uses its own distribution channel for supplying the grocery channel and recently implemented its own  direct store distribution network of about 280 distributors across the country

Nestlé Juicy Juice Sparkling, which is lightly carbonated, is available in three flavours - apple, berry and orange.

The beverage blends 70% real fruit juice with 30% lightly carbonated water.