Nestlé has said it will continue to invest in South East Asia and expand its business and manufacturing facilities there.

Speaking at a media conference today (15 June), Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke said the company will continue to invest in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Over the last three years, Nestlé has spent over CHF550m (US$504m) in capital investments in its ASEAN operations. In 2008, Nestlé's business in the region experienced 15% organic growth, with sales of around CHF5bn. In 2009, Nestlé's investments in the region will amount to CHF260m, the company said.
This year Nestlé said it will invest CHF13m in Vietnam and CHF56m in Thailand.

In Malaysia, Nestlé is investing CHF85m in new regional plants for Nescafé and non-dairy creamer and the expansion of its Maggi facilities.
In the Philippines, Nestlé's investments in 2009 will amount to CHF72m and in Indonesia, CHF29m.

"Nestlé has been operating in this part of the world for nearly 100 years. The ASEAN region is a very important part of the Nestlé business, and our continued commitment and on-going investments demonstrate our confidence in the region," said Bulcke.

Nestlé currently has 23 factories and around 15,000 employees in its ASEAN markets.