Ukraine's leading vodka producer Nemiroff has unveiled a rye vodka and revamped its range of grain vodkas.

The company said today (31 October) that it has launched Ukrainian Rye Vidbirna and upgraded the packaging for two more of its most popular products.

The rye vodka and two of Nemiroff's grain vodkas - Ukrainian Wheat Vidbirna and Nemirovskaya osobaya - are being sold in new packaging, distinguished by an elongated neck with a dispenser and an aluminium cap.

Svetlana Gladkaya, Nemiroff's director for quality and new projects, said: "Despite the fact that the new line of classical grain vodkas has just appeared on the shelves, it was positively accepted by the market and has been in demand.

"Due to the original recipes, traditionally high quality, as well as the thorough selection on recipe ingredients, the updated white vodkas - Ukrainian Wheat Vidbirna, Nemirovskaya osobaya and the new Ukrainian Rye Vidbirna - will be to the taste of the most demanding consumers of our company's products."

The line will go on sale in Ukraine and Russia and will retail domestically at UAH10-12 (US$2-2.4) for a 0.5 litre bottle.

Nemiroff's products are available in 55 countries but the majority of its sales are made in Ukraine with Russia its number one export market.