Are Southerners Really That Stingy When it Comes to Buying Wine?

A national survey by one of the UK's leading wine Web site's Wine and Co ( has revealed some surprising results when it comes to us Brits and our drinking habits.

Southerners prove to be the stingiest when it comes to purchasing their favourite vino, one in five (20 per cent) of those in the Meridian region spend less than three pounds per bottle, according to the survey. West Country wine drinkers are the most likely to splash out, but still only 7 per cent are willing to spend over ten pounds per bottle.

The survey also revealed that those who like their wine least are in Scotland and the Central region, with a third of each population who do not buy wine at all.

Most fascinating however, is that more than one in ten of the over fifty fives nation wide drink more than fifteen bottles of wine each month. Who says the over fifties don't have any fun!

Commenting on the survey results, Vicky Prezeau, UK Manager of Wine and Co says: "We firmly believe that people are sometimes intimidated by the vast selection of wines available on the market today. Wine and Co aim to give them the confidence to choose knowledgeably by providing the best information from the comfort of your own arm chair."

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