The National Coffee Association of the USA and BridgeNews today announced the most comprehensive news-and-research service for coffee on the provides access to customized coffee news coverage from BridgeNews, which has kept the global coffee industry up-to-date since 1953. Coverage includes news, analysis, statistics and forecasts of the international coffee industry in more than 60 countries.

Complementing BridgeNews content is strategic market intelligence unique to the National Coffee Association, which has helped to guide the U.S. coffee industry since 1911 by developing and publishing market research and technical information, on-going educational programming, and policy initiatives.

The service is available to subscribers at a monthly charge of $50 and features breaking news, weather for Brazil, Colombia and other producing nations, and a wide range of coffee price charts for both robusta and arabica coffee futures.

Real-time news from the world leader in commodities reporting, BridgeNews, is one of the highlights of the service. Whether it's the latest diplomatic shift among coffee producers or changing consumption pattern in importing nations, provides readers with the latest information they need to manage their businesses.

" represents a significant advance by offering the coffee industry the best tactical and strategic knowledge on a global basis in real time," commented Robert F. Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NCA. "BridgeNews is the most appropriate partner for this initiative and we anticipate a positive response from the industry."

"We are pleased that the NCA has chosen BridgeNews to keep users of informed of news developments around the world as they happen," said Angus Robertson, Executive Vice President of BridgeNews. "By offering focused coverage and analysis of the coffee industry from BridgeNews, will be the premier source for real-time industry news and research."

This is the NCA's third Web site in three years, an achievement which may be unique to the public, private or non-profit sector. In 1998, NCA began publishing to provide media professionals, consumers and the coffee industry with comprehensive scientific information on coffee, caffeine and health.

In 1999, NCA began publishing as an expert source of knowledge about coffee and the NCA, designed to inform NCA members, industry professionals, and consumers about coffee the commodity and the product, and the ways in which NCA can be of service to each community.

In 2000, NCA joins with BridgeNews to co-publish, which offers subscribers real-time news with strategic market intelligence on coffee that's unique to the NCA. This includes "National Coffee Drinking Trends," the longest-running tracking study of the U.S. coffee market, which has been conducted annually since 1950, supplemented by all other coffee information products available through the National Coffee Association.

The National Coffee Association of the USA, Inc., established in 1911, is the leading trade organization for the coffee industry in the United States. Its members conduct nearly 90% of the business in the U.S. coffee market, and include importers, roasters, and retailers, as well as growers, suppliers, and exporters.

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