La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee(TM)Co. Inc. (OTCBB:LJCC) announced today that National Capital LLC has issued a "buy" recommendation in a research report recently released on La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee Co. Inc. for stockbrokers, analysts, money managers, institutions, individuals, La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee clients and shareholders.

The report dissects the current coffee market and the potential growth of La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee products being added in the specialty coffee industry (SCAA). The specialty coffee industry has grown from $1.3 billion in 1993 to an estimated five billion dollars in the year 2000.

La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee is the hottest topic of discussion in coffee industry by both manufacturers and distributors, especially in the California market. The company's cold-brewed coffee has the advantages of great taste, lower acidity and oil content, with the convenience of instant liquid coffee.

National Capital describes in the report of how La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee's trademarked product can be beneficial to the institutional food industry and coffee drinkers throughout the world. A copy of this report is available through National Capital LLC or by contacting the company.

Commenting on the report from National Capital, Kurt Toneys, president/chief executive officer of La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee stated, "We are extremely pleased with the coverage in this report and are anticipating significant growth in our shareholder base. An aggressive rollout of the product is being prepared for this fall and will be on exhibit at the San Diego Street Scene, September 8-10."

About La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee Co. Inc.

La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee(TM)Co. Inc. manufactures and distributes gourmet cold-brewed coffee liquid extract, gourmet non-alcoholic cold coffee beverages and food ingredient flavorant products.

The company recently announced that they have won an International Competition in which they competed against 64 of the world's leading coffee suppliers. In this test, submissions were graded by flavor profile, appearance, consistency, product purity and cost. The extract will be used in a delicious new line of coffee flavored jellies which is targeted for national distribution.

Fehling Research, a Stockton, Calif.-based nationally recognized research firm conducted the test. Pat Fehling, who headed the research project, chose La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee because of its superiority in all criteria.

Bob Ostrander, formerly the president of Kan-pak USA, one of the nation's largest Aseptic packaging houses, explained that coffee extracts are used as flavorant/ingredient in a variety of food and beverage products. These include ice cream, beverages, candies, baked goods and liquors. "I have been associated with coffee products for the better part of twenty years and I believe this is the best extract I have seen to date. There is an enormous market for liquid coffees that is growing by the day for which La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee is ideally suited."

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