National Beverage Corp. is to move its common stock from the American Stock Exchange to Nasdaq's Global Select Market.

The company said that as of next Tuesday (12 June) it will be switching to Nasdaq and trading under the new ticker symbol 'FIZZ'.

Nasdaq's senior vice president of new listings William O'Brien said: "Nasdaq is delighted that a long-term industry leader like National Beverage has decided to join our family of innovative companies. Nasdaq is pleased to be able to support National Beverage by providing added visibility and superior trading for the company."

National Beverage is the ninth Amex-listed company to move its listing to Nasdaq this year and 39th Amex-listed business to have switched to Nasdaq during the last 18 months.

National Beverage's products include energy drinks, vitamin-enhanced soft drinks, bottled waters, fortified juices and juice products, with brands including Shasta, Faygo and Ritz.