The trade group for PET packaging has reassured consumers that PET bottles are safe.

The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), yesterday (25 September) answered a number of safety-related questions about PET bottles in an effort to set the record straight about the packaging material.

Single-serve water or carbonated PET beverage bottles, "identified by a small number '1'or 'PETE' on the container side or bottom", have been up for assessment following more companies converting to recyclable alternatives to plastic.

NAPCOR confirmed that a PET bottle can be safely frozen, recycled and does not contain either Bis-phenol A, which some claim can cause birth defects, or Phthalates, a certain type of plasticiser.

The trade body added that Antimony Oxide is often used in extremely tiny amounts as a 'catalyst' in the production of PET plastic, but its minor use in PET "does not endanger workers, consumers, or the environment".