The harvest in Bordeaux is just in but négociants Bordeaux are already suggesting prices for the 2006 vintage will have to fall to below those of 2004.
"What we are saying is forget 2005. If everyone goes around talking about percentages (prices must fall by), it will be like 2001, when they didn't come down far enough, fast enough, and we had stock left," said Bill Blatch, Bordeaux négociant.
Winemaker and négociant Jean Christophe Mau added: "Selling 2006 will be difficult. Prices will have to fall below 2004."

President of the Union des Grands Cru de Bordeaux (UCGB), organisers of the annual wine futures tasting, Patrick Maroteau, said it was "not serious" to talk of prices, before tasting the wines early next year.
"I am not saying prices will be the same as 2005, but it is very important to actually taste the wine first," Maroteau said.