The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has called on Coca-Cola to withdraw its recent advertisement in the country on 'Myth Busting'.

The advertisement gives several statements under 'Myth. It rots your teeth', which ADA federal president, John Matthews said, "are ambiguous or just plain wrong".

"The advertisement says "Coca-Cola has the same level of acid as many other food and drinks". Soft drinks, sports drinks and fruit juices are acidic drinks and all have the potential to erode your teeth," Matthews said today (16 October).

"While acid is eventually neutralised by saliva, this is not before it softens ... tooth enamel allowing it to be worn away much more easily. The problem is then magnified when soft drinks are sipped as mouths never have a chance to neutralise the acidic effect."

The ADA said that it agrees with Coca-Cola that dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are important, "but so is a good diet (low in sugars) and use of fluoride".

The association claimed thatthe adverts "make it harder for conscientious parents to stand up to the inevitable pressures from their children to consume products such as Coke."

A Coca-Cola spokesperson told Australian press it stuck by its ads. "We wanted to bust the myth that you can't consume Coca-Cola and have healthy teeth," the spokesperson was quoted as saying. "This is simply not true."