Coca-Cola North America has teamed up with hip hop star Jay-Z to design a new look for its Cherry Coke brand.

The company and the musician will unveil the redesigned packaging, which will also be used on Cherry Coke Zero, at an event during New York Fashion Week today (7 February).

The redesign, which was developed by Jay-Z's clothing business Rocawear, is the first packaging update for Cherry Coke in five years.

"We wanted to give the brand an energetic new look and feel," said Katie Bayne, senior vice president for Coca- Cola Brands at Coca-Cola North America. "We've been able to fuse design, fashion and music to create a hot new look and personality for Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero."

Rocawear chief marketing officer Jameel Spencer added: "We've designed an urban landscape and a contemporary cherry icon that together reinvent the Cherry Coke brand in a stylish, hip, youthful new way that reinforces its great taste."

Coca-Cola North America will promote the new-look Cherry Coke with a "fully-integrated" marketing campaign, the company added.