Sunmagic 45% Juice contains 150ml of juice in a 330ml bottle

Sunmagic 45% Juice contains 150ml of juice in a 330ml bottle

Multiple Marketing's Sunmagic 75% Juice, Sunmagic 45% Juice

Category - Soft drinks, juice

Available - Sunmagic 75% Juice from this month, Sunmagic 45% Juice from next month

Location - UK, nation-wide

Price - SRP of GBP0.35-0.40 for Sunmagic 75% Juice and GBP0.50-0.60 for Sunmagic 45% Juice

Distribution - Multiple Marketing

Multiple Marketing has launched two new fruit juice ranges that comply with upcoming UK government standards for sale in schools. 

The company said the ranges, Sunmagic 75% Juice and Sunmagic 45% Juice, are among the first to conform specifically to the standards, which come into force in January. Both ranges contain 150ml of juice, with Sunmagic 75% coming in 200ml cartons and Sunmagic 45% in 330ml PET bottles.

Under the new standards, soft drinks available in schools must contain no more than 150ml of juice due to their sugar content. The maximum portion size of drinks containing both juice and water will be capped at 330ml. 

The portion size limit avoids manufacturers adding artificial sweeteners to enhance taste.      

Sunmagic 75% is available in Orange, Apple and Pineapple Juice Drink variants. Sunmagic 45% Juice range is available in Orange, Apple and Tropical flavours, as well as Fairtrade Orange and Fairtrade Apple lines.

The launch follows the rollout of Multiple Marketing's Sunmagic Lightly Sparkling Juice Drinks in May.