Fairjuice has announced the launch of mulberry juice drink Mulberry Fair in the UK.

The juice manufacturer said today (18 July) that Mulberry Fair will be available in two varieties - Mulberry & Sanguinello Orange and Mulberry, Grape & Pear.

"We are bringing to market the superfruit mulberry at a time when people are becoming increasingly health-conscious," says Fairjuice managing director, Rachel Price. "Due to their thin skins and naturally sweet taste, mulberries blend well with other fruits and we have been able to develop a range that our research has shown is popular among children and adults."

Fairjuice is investing in a below the line marketing campaign to support the launch of Mulberry Fair and has recruited nutritionist, Anita Bean to spearhead the brand's health credentials which will be communicated to the media through a range of PR and sampling activities.

Mulberry Fair will be on sale in Waitrose and Selfridges from 28 July at an RRP of GBP3.29 (US$6.56) for 1 litre.