The Independent MP for Nelson, Gerry Wood, is backing the stance taken by Northern Territory Health Minister, Jane Aagaard, against irresponsible marketing of alcohol. Wood has also called for drinks advertisers to be subject to regulatory restraints similar to those on tobacco companies should they fail to heed the warnings.

Wood believes alcohol advertisers in Australia are promoting excessive consumption. As in other markets, RTDs are also a focus of criticism. Wood maintains that sweetened, coloured mixed drinks encourage young people to experiment with alcohol.

"You'll see ads that show the back of a vehicle full of a certain brand of beer, or a beer fridge as big as a room, which is really promoting excessive drinking," Mr Wood said. "The other problem we have today is spirit drinks are coloured, and they don't taste anything like what's really in them. They're designed to attract young people to drink because they look bright and they look cool, and young people are enticed to drink."