The ABA denied there was greater scrutiny at county legislative level

The ABA denied there was greater scrutiny at county legislative level

The American Beverage Association (ABA) has said that the recent addition of Monster Beverage and Rockstar to its ranks has led to a “more focused interest” in energy drinks legislation.

ABA representatives at a Chicago city council meeting on Tuesday (5 March) fought proposals to ban energy drinks, while on the same day, the association was advising the Suffolk County, New York, legislature on relabelling moves. Actions in further US state legislatures are expected soon, just-drinks understands.

“We certainly have found ourselves more busy,” an ABA spokesperson said, adding that an increase in fact-finding missions by legislatures has also added to the workload. "We have taken on energy drinks more."

Monster and Rockstar have joined the ABA this year, while Red Bull has been a member since 2008.

The spokesperson said its role in the Chicago city council meeting was to “inform legislators”, who can be prone to “misunderstandings” about energy drinks, including that they are not regulated. 

The meeting ended with no vote on the proposals and the ABA will continue to provide councillors with any information they need.

The spokesperson denied there has been an increase in state and county-level scrutiny over energy drinks. “It comes up from time to time,” the spokesperson said.

The New York State legislator overseeing the proposed energy drinks crackdown in Suffolk told just-drinks this year he wants to work with the industry and not fight “tooth and nail” with companies.