Click through to view Monins Hibiscus Syrup

Click through to view Monin's Hibiscus Syrup

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Monin's Hibiscus Syrup

Category - Syrup, flavoured

Available - From this month

Location - UK and online

Price - SRP of GBP5.99 per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Bennett Opie

Monin has launched a hibiscus-flavoured addition to its Monin syrup range in the UK.

“The developing palate of Hibiscus, first sweet, then tart, provides a twist to Champagne and sparkling wine,” said Monin's brand ambassador in the UK, James Coston. “Its floral nose, red fruit notes and subtle aroma can also be used to create teas, lemonades, wine-based cocktails, fruity cocktails and mocktails.”

Hibiscus is a flower that grows around the rim of the Indian and Pacific oceans. It includes red, pink, purple, orange, white, blue and yellow varieties.