The Canadian brewer Molson has shuffled it management in an attempt to get its struggling Brazilian business firing.

Robert Coallier, who was CEO of Molson's Brazilian operations for the past two years, will take on the new position of executive vice-president, corporate strategy and international operations in Canada.

His previous responsibilities will be handed to Fernando Tigre, the newly appointed chief executive officer of Cervejarias Kaiser.

"Over the past year, the pace of consolidation has dramatically changed the global beer market and global brewers have significantly expanded their footprints and portfolios. The extent of this consolidation requires that Molson have a greater and more timely understanding of the transformed landscape and the new beer competitors, so the Corporation can effectively assess the threats and opportunities as they arise," said Molson boss Daniel J. O'Neill. Robert Coallier's knowledge of Molson and his experience of the Brazilian market are critical components to the strategy equation."

Currently, the top ten global brewers represent approximately 62% of worldwide volume versus only 42% five years ago. Over the past year, the volume gap between Molson and the industry leader has grown from 60M hl to 125M hl.

Tigre joins Cervejarias Kaiser at a time when the competitive environment is daunting and sales and market share growth are one of the biggest challenges facing the brewer.

"Molson continues to view Brazil as a market with significant potential for growth. Under Robert Coallier's leadership, the subsidiary improved operational efficiency through cost savings measures, increased the focus of the Coca-Cola bottler/distribution partner network, built up and improved the sales management and sales execution capabilities and initiated efforts to revitalize the lead brands, said O' Neill.

"While much was accomplished, several key areas still need to be addressed: expanded numeric distribution and the continued revitalization of the brands. Fernando Tigre's intimate knowledge of the Brazilian marketplace as well as his strong leadership will be a critical driver of success in this regard."

Coallier will continue to be based in Brazil until October, in order to effectively transition over responsibilities to the new CEO. Tigre, who will be based in Sao Paulo, is expected to join Cervejarias Kaiser on July 1st, 2004.

Tigre, 60, is a native Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. He is married, has two children and currently lives in Sao Paulo. Prior to joining Cervejarias Kaiser as CEO, Tigre was the chairman of the board of directors of the Industrial Operations of Camargo Corrêa, a major Brazilian Business group with assets in a variety of economic sectors - industrial, manufacturing and consumer goods.