Molson announced today that in accordance with its focused brand strategy and its commitment to Canadian growth, the Company regained control of the sales of its brands in the Maritime provinces. The company intends to significantly increase its sales and marketing team as well as its overall brand activity in the region.
"Regaining sales responsibility represents the continued commitment of Molson to deliver improved results in Canada," said Daniel J. O'Neill, Molson Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for North American Brewing. "This will be driven through a focused brand strategy and specific regional plans to increase market share."

"To date, Molson's market share in the Maritimes has been limited to approximately 7%, relative to our approximate national share of 45%. Under the new agreement, Molson will now be directly responsible for the marketing and sales in this region. A new organization has been put in place and now significant profit growth and market share growth in the Maritimes is a real possibility. The time is right for us to assume direct responsibility for our brands in this market," Mr. O'Neill added.

Previously, under the Moosehead Molson partnership, Moosehead Breweries handled brewing, sales and distribution for the Molson Canadian brand in the Maritimes. Under the new agreement, Molson Canadian, Canada's leading lager, will be brewed, bottled, and distributed in the Maritime provinces by Moosehead's Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, while Molson will handle all selling and marketing aspects. With this change, Molson will significantly increase brand activity throughout the region with a strong brand portfolio including Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Molson Dry, Coors Light, Miller and leading imports Corona and Heineken.

"Atlantic Canada is a vibrant market; we recognize this and have identified the market as a high priority for Molson," said Brian Brocklehurst, Molson Vice President, Atlantic Region. "Today's announcement means Molson is investing more dollars and commitment in the region through jobs, local sponsorship and promotions. It is an exciting time for everyone involved."

As a forerunner to today's announcement and as part of Molson's affinity with sports and entertainment in Canada, Mr. Brocklehurst added, "We were proud to sponsor the Memorial Cup Tournament in Halifax a few weeks ago, the Canadian Slo-pitch Championships later in the summer and we are sponsoring Summersault on Citadel Hill featuring the Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and others. This is just the start of an ongoing calendar of great events."

Montreal-based Molson, founded in 1786, is Canada's pre-eminent brewer, and 100 per cent Canadian-owned, with more than $2 billion in annual sales. As North America's oldest beer brand name, Molson has been providing consumers with quality beers for over 214 years. Molson also owns and operates the Molson Centre and the Montreal Canadiens hockey club.