Molson Coors UK launches Worthingtons Red Shield

Molson Coors UK launches Worthington's Red Shield

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Molson Coors has launched Worthington's Red Shield.

Category - beer, cask ale, 4.2% abv

Available - Now

Location - UK On-trade 

Price - Declined to specify

Distribution - Molson Coors

Worthington's Red Shield is brewed at the new William Worthington's Brewery in Burton-Upon-Trent, England, and is designed to appeal to "modern cask ale drinkers", Molson Coors said today (1 March). Within that sector, pale premium ales are showing strong growth, the brewer added.

"This represents a continuation of our aim to produce accessible, light and refreshing ales to encourage more drinkers into the category," said Jim Appelbee, master brewer at the brewery. Molson Coors opened the brewery at the National Brewery Centre in late 2010, but Worthington's has been brewed in Burton area since the 18th Century.

The new Worthington's brewery produced 1,600 barrels of beer in its first year of operation. In 2012, it plans to brew 6,000 barrels and begin exporting beer to the US, where Molson Coors is the second largest brewer via its MillerCoors joint-venture with SABMiller.