Barley yields are under threat due to the UKs dry weather

Barley yields are under threat due to the UK's dry weather

Drought conditions across the UK are threatening to have a major impact on brewers and distillers in the country, as arable farmers see their yields fall, research has revealed.

A Molson Coors-commissioned study, revealed today (30 March), that 63% of barley farmers have been affected by less rainfall in the UK in recent months. Of those that have noticed a change, 94% said it had impacted on yields, with 40% saying the impact had been “very profound”.

With on-going drought conditions in much of the UK, Coors has warned that more barley farmers are likely to see a reduction in yield and problems with the nitrogen content, threatening its use in the brewing process.

The research also showed that 17% of barley farmers are planning on cutting their planting of the crop over the next five years, which puts at risk around 96,000 hectares of malting barley fields.

A total of 259 arable farmers in the UK were questioned by Farmers Weekly during January and February for the survey.