Molson Coors ups wholesale beer prices

Molson Coors ups wholesale beer prices

Molson Coors UK is to increase the wholesale price on all package and draught beers from March.

The brewer announced today (20 January) that the increase will be just under GBP0.07 per pint, a 4.8% increase, inclusive of duty.

However, a 50-litre keg of Magners cider will be frozen at its 2009 price.

“Molson Coors (UK) reviews wholesale prices once a year and these changes reflect the current costs associated with producing, distributing and supporting our brands,” the brewer said.

“The beer category faces continuing pressure and as one of the UK’s largest brewers, we must take the long term view to protect and grow the category. As a global family brewer we believe in building the right level of respect for alcohol, in which price, marketing and education have key roles to play for the long term health of the category and ultimately the success of both our business and our customers,” Molson added.

The rise will be effective across all on trade channels.

The firm has also announced it will be investing an additional GBP8.1m (US$13.2m) in brand support for 2010, a 16% increase on 2009. The move is being made in a bid to try and stimulate performance of the beer category.