Molson Coors is kicking-off a new GBP9.6m (US$14.6m) multi-media UK campaign for its Carling lager brand with the launch of a TV ad this weekend. 

The ad, which can be viewed above, features two men playing pool, with one attempting a trick shot. The shot eventually fails, prompting the line: "It’s good...but it’s not quite Carling." 

The spot, the first in a series of three, also references the ‘I Bet He Drinks Carling Black Label’ ads of the 1980s and 1990s, with cameos from the actors Stephen Frost and Mark Arden. 

The campaign will also include outdoor, press and digital advertising throughout this year, Coors said. 

The brewer has launched various offshoots of Carling in the last 14 months, including Carling Zest, Carling British Cider and Carling Zest Hint of Ginger

However, this campaign re-focusses on its core brand. 

Coors is currently locked in a dispute with workers at its Burton brewery, who have voted to go on strike over changes to their pay and conditions.