Molson Coors has welcomed the settlement

Molson Coors has welcomed the settlement

A dispute involving workers at Molson Coors' Burton-on-Trent brewery has been settled. 

The trade union Unite had claimed that, under plans by the brewer, the plant's 455 workers faced being sacked and reinstated on inferior pay and conditions. A ballot for strike action in May saw 97% of Unite's members vote to protest the proposals

But, today (5 August), the union said its members have voted to accept a second revised package put forward by Coors' management in Burton.

According to Unite, the deal includes: 

  • Pay reduction of GBP862 from 1 January 2014 and GBP862 from 1 January 2015 for all workers previously facing cuts of up to GBP9,000-a-year in their pay
  • "Generous" severance/redundancy payments available for all workers facing a pay cut
  • "Radical"  shift proposals - which could have been changed at 24 hours notice and workers called in while on holiday - are completely withdrawn

A Molson Coors spokesperson said: “We are pleased with the result of Friday’s vote, which will allow us to continue with our plans to build a sustainable future for brewing in Burton so that we can compete in a challenging marketplace.

"We would like to thank our employees for their patience and support over the consultation period and Unite for the positive contribution it has made to these vital negotiations.”

The Burton plant produces Carling, Grolsch, Coors Lite and Cobra lagers, as well as beers including Worthington's, Worthington's White Shield and Stones.

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