Molson Coors has reportedly asked to have its legal battle over the Canadian rights to the Miller Brewing portfolio be heard in a Canadian court and not the US.

According to a report in Canada's Globe and Mail today (28 February), Molson Coors has asked that Miller's US lawsuit, which was filed in Wisconsin in December, be stayed or dismissed.

The brewer argued that the case "involves a dispute about Canadian law applied to a Canadian contract, negotiated and performed in Canada by a Canadian company".

"It should be litigated in Canada", a Molson Coors statement read in the report.

Molson Coors claims its agreement to sell Miller products in Canada was not violated by the merger between Molson and Coors last year.

Miller's lawsuit contends that Molson has ignored its brands since it joined forces with Coors and that the original deal - first signed in 1989 - is now invalid.

Miller has tried to end the agreement out-of-court but has been frustrated in its attempts to obtain a settlement.

Molson officials had failed to return requests for comment as just-drinks went to press.