Molson Inc. and Halewood International have signed a multi-year agreement to introduce a new Brazilian beer, A Marca Bravara, in the UK.

"The export market is a priority as Molson wishes to build the international presence of its brands and maximise the potential of the brewing operations," said Peter Amirault senior vice-president of innovation and business development. "Market research identified both the appeal of an easy-drinking Brazilian lager and the fascination of the UK market with a golden and exotic beer imported from South America.

"Once the decision was made to enter the UK market, we selected Halewood International because of their impressive business performance in the beverage industry to-date and their internal culture of building brands with both the on- and off-trade. We're confident that Halewood International will put A Marca Bravara right into the hands of our target market."

With Brazil tipped as the trend for 2004 for everything from fashion to food, the Brazilian lager produced in the Rio de Janeiro region arrives in the UK this summer. Part of a brewing heritage which dates back to 1877, A Marca Bravara is meant to be enjoyed in true Brazilian tradition - ice cold so that its unique refreshing taste can be truly appreciated.

The launch of A Marca Bravara in the UK has been strategically timed to capitalise on the growing consumer demand for premium imported beers, as well as the current boom in authentic Brazilian culture being experienced in the UK, the companies said. In the summer of 2003, the same super premium Brazilian lager was introduced to the Canadian market under the name A Marca Bavaria, where it has rapidly become one of the top selling packaged super-premium lagers.

Halewood International officially launched A Marca Bravara at bar.04 (the UK Bar Show) on 8 and 9 June in London.

Richard Clark, marketing controller at Halewood International said: "There's never been a better time to launch a Brazilian beer in the UK. Halewood International is known for new innovation and championing the next big thing - A Marca Bravara will fit into our brand portfolio perfectly. The extremely positive consumer and trade response to our official launch at the bar.04 speaks to the huge potential for A Marca Bravara in the UK."