A Moet Hennessy UK advert for Belvedere vodka has been shot down by the country's advert watchdog.

The print advert, which featured a man sat between two women on a couch in a New York bar, has been banned for linking alcohol to sexual success, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said yesterday (17 December).

It said that the bottle of Belvedere positioned alongside plates and glasses on the table in front of the couch "implied that Belvedere had enhanced the man's attractiveness". One of the women had her arm around the man's neck.

Linking alcohol to sexual success is forbidden under the UK advertising code.

Moet, in its defence, said that all three people were fully clothed in a public place and "there was no suggestion of sexual contact or an erotic atmosphere". At most, it said, one of the women was "mildly flirtatious". 

Only one complaint about the advert was received by the ASA, but it has ruled that the ad cannot be run again in that form.