Moët Hennessy has launched a bar tender-targeted competition to choose a global brand ambassador for its Belvedere vodka brand.

The campaign, entitled 'The Belvedere Dream Job', will launch on 15 September and run for one month. Bartenders, mixologists, and vodka enthusiasts will be invited to submit videos to Belvedere’s official Facebook fan page highlighting their mixology skills and demonstrating why they should be selected for the role.

Following a UK and Europe semi-final in London, a global final will be held in Los Angeles on 15 December, with seven candidates appearing in front of a celebrity judging panel.

“It is our hope that the competition not only unites those with a keen understanding of super premium vodka, but also inspires a higher level of innovation and creativity in cocktail creation,” said Claire Smith, head of spirit creation and mixology for Belvedere.