Mistic Zotics, Convenience Store News' Best New Product for 2000, brings consumers two new flavors from around the globe. On the heels of a successful product launch, Mistic Zotics ventured to the outback of Australia and across the high seas of Sweden to extract their new flavor sensations: Melano Fruit and Cloudberry. The two new drinks will begin shipping in November.

"An award of this caliber only restores Mistic's position as an innovator in the alternative beverage segment," said Bruce Bollinger, vice president Mistic marketing. "The overwhelming positive response from consumers can be attributed to the unique and unusual flavors, as well as the eye catching bottle."

Working with Convenience Store News, a panel of twenty-five trade magazine editors based their best new product decisions on packaging and graphics, product innovation and creativity, and c-store appropriateness and taste.

The Mistic Zotics line, launched in Spring 2000, features exotic fruits from exotic places around the world. The line currently consists of five fruit drinks: Acerola Berry from the West Indies, Pitaya Fruit from Brazil, Mangosteen Fruit from Thailand, Yuzu Fruit from Japan, Marula Fruit from Mozambique, and one tea - Ginseng Green Tea from Tibet. The bottle features distinct three-sided-20-ounce packaging with internationally inspired symbols on each panel. Vitamin enhanced for body and mind, Mistic Zotics stands worlds apart from its competitors.

Australian Melano Fruit:
Covered by horned spikes in the outback of Australia, the Melano fruit is known to be one of the few fruits to thrive in the Australian desert. Mistic captures the tastes of down under with a fruit drink enhanced with Vitamins C, B2, B6, and B12.

Sweden Cloudberry:
The Cloudberry fruit was used for centuries by Scandanavian sailors trying to promotegood health and well being on the high seas. Enhanced with Vitamin A and Calcium to help navigate through the day.

As Mistic Zotics continues to break the taste barrier, the launch of Melano Fruit and Sweden Cloudberry will be supported through point of sale materials, public relations, events and an advertising campaign. Be sure to look for Zotics at high altitudes! The Mistic-Arbor Extreme Sports Team is traveling to the four corners of the world taking on geographic and vertical challenges of new proportions.

The Snapple Beverage Group, a unit of Triarc Companies, Inc. (NYSE:TRY), has a beverage brand portfolio that includes Mistic(R), Royal Crown(R), Snapple(R) and Stewart's(R).