The French Agriculture minister has unveiled a plan to create a 'Vin de France' wine label.

The label would pave the way for the creation of new wines though mixing vins de pays from different production areas. Dominique Bussereau hopes to pass a government decree on the matter in the spring.

However, Bussereau saw several other proposals rejected by a national wine growers committee meeting late last week. His suggestion that wine be classed into three categories - the first for leading AOCs, the second for less prestigious AOCs and vins de pays under the 'Indications d'Origine Contrôlée' banner and the third one for vins de table - was turned down.

However, the Conseil National de la Viticulture, which was set up in June by the French Prime Minister, did agree to debate the Government's proposals with their members in the regions and report back in February, when the committee sits again.

The Conseil has two members from each of France's ten major wine producing areas.