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MillerCoors' Miller Fortune 

Category - Beer, lager, brewed with Cascade hops, 6.9% abv 

Available - Launches today (10 February)

Location - US, nation-wide, off-trade and on-trade   

Price - Varies by market

MillerCoors has launched a 6.9% abv golden lager aimed at stealing back share from the spirits category.

Miller Fortune, which launches in the US today (10 February), is a lager brewed with Cascade hops served in an all-black 12oz bottle. The packaging describes the brand as "spirited golden lager". 

Speaking exclusively to just-drinks today (10 February), Ed McBrien, the brewer's sales president, said the brand is designed to "capture" millennial spirits drinkers. "Spirits has taken a share of stomach from the beer segment and it’s a space where we think we have the right to play," he said. 

A national advertising campaign for the brand will launch on 3 March and will "feel more like spirits advertising", said McBrien. 

McBrien described it as a "big bang" launch, as it is the biggest new product since the MillerCoors JV was formed in 2008 between Molson Coors and SABMiller.

The brewer, which first revealed news of Miller Fortune last August, is recommending bars serve the beer in a branded rocks glass.