Blue Moon is controlled in the US by MillerCoors

Blue Moon is controlled in the US by MillerCoors

MillerCoors has said it is trying to resolve a trademark dispute that could halt a reintroduction of a Blue Moon extension.

The Law360 website reported this week that MillerCoor's reregistering of the brand name Full Moon has been opposed by Arizona craft brewer Mudshark Brewing. Mudshark has produced its Full Moon range of wheat beer since the 1990s and has reportedly asked the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to block MillerCoors' request.

A MillerCoors spokesperson told just-drinks the company is “looking at ways to resolve the matter”.

MillerCoors used the name Full Moon for a 2007 beer that was previously known as Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale. In 2012, its name was changed to Mountain Abbey Ale. However, according to the report, MillerCoors allowed the Full Moon trademark to be cancelled before reapplying in January. 

Mudshark's complaint states that “consumers familiar with craft beer have come to know and recognise the Full Moon mark in connection with quality craft beer”. Mudshark did not return a just-drinks request for comment.

MillerCoors is a US joint-venture between Molson Coors and SABMiller. Molson Coors has been highlighted as one of the biggest potential winners from a proposed takeover of SABMiller by Anheuser-Busch InBev as it could take full control of MillerCoors.