MillerCoors air-vented can launched earlier this year

MillerCoors' air-vented can launched earlier this year

MillerCoors is facing a review from the US Government's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over claims made in an advert that have been challenged by its rival, Anheuser-Busch InBev

The National Advertising Division said yesterday (13 August) that it is referring the brewer to the FTC because of its “refusal to participate in a review of certain advertising claims”. A-B InBev's complaint focuses on MillerCoors' TV, radio and digital ads around its Coors Light “air-vented” can launched earlier this year

The Budweiser brewer challenged the claim that the Coors Light cans are technologically superior to other beer cans, the NAD said. Disputed claims included: “the world’s most refreshing can” and “smoother, more refreshing pour”.

A-B InBev launched a trial of a vented can for its Bud Light brand in June.

MillerCoors did not offer a “substantive response” to the challenge, the NAD said. The company, jointly-owned by SABMiller and Molson Coors, branded the challenge “frivolous” and said that its claims were either “puffery” or “literally truthful”. The ads are due to stop by the end of next month, MillerCoors told the NAD.

“Given the advertiser’s decision against participation in the self-regulatory process, NAD has referred the advertising at issue to the Federal Trade Commission for review,” the regulator said. 

Nobody from MillerCoors was immediately available for comment.