Miller Brewing will this week launch its own caffeine-infused beer brand as it looks to capitalise on a growing segment in the US.

The SABMiller unit will roll out Mickey's Stinger in three US states tomorrow (May 26), a beer-based drink infused with caffeine, guarana and taurine.

The brand will compete with Tilt and B(E), two beer-and-caffeine beverages launched last year by arch-rival Anheuser-Busch. A Miller spokesman said honey is added to the brewing process when Mickey's Stinger is made, giving the 7% ABV drink a "lighter, smoother taste".

"Consumers have told us that they drink caffeine-based drinks in spite of the taste, not because of the taste. Mickey's Stinger is brewed with honey giving drinkers a lighter, smoother taste."

The spokesman said Miller saw "significant upside" to the category and had decided to launch Mickey's Stinger in three states where the Mickey's brand name was well-known - Arizona, California and Nevada.

Mickey's Stinger will be priced at a "comparable" level to other caffeinated beverages at US$1.79 for a 16oz can.