Miller Brewing is rolling out a new beer across the US in an attempt to capitalise on the "Latinisation" of the country's culture.

Following test marketing in five markets over the spring, the SABMiller unit announced yesterday (12 June) that Miller Chill will be available throughout the country from this month. The beer, which had been tested in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, San Diego and Texas in early March, is an American take on the Mexican 'chelada' and contains a hint of lime and a pinch of salt.

"Once consumers get their first taste of Miller Chill, they will definitely be coming back for more of this unique, crisp beverage," said Miller's chief marketing officer, Randy Ransom. "Miller Chill is a light beer unlike any other, offering American beer drinkers a distinctive twist on refreshment.

"In its first two months of testing, more than half of the consumers who tried Miller Chill purchased the product again," Ransom added. "The high sales and positive feedback that the brand has already received further supports the transculturalism trend.

"In just five test markets, Miller Chill has already grown as big as Michelob Ultra Amber is nationally."

The beer will be available in six- and 12-packs of 12oz. bottles.

The Mexican word chelada is loosely translated as 'cold one'.