Miller Brewing has made changes to the controversial US ads for its Miller Lite brand. The company has become embroiled in a spat with rival brewer Anheuser-Busch over the ads, which claim that Miller Lite "has more taste than Bud Light with half the carbs". Miller has also accused A-B of changing the recipe for its Bud Light brand after witnessing the growing sales of Miller Lite in the US.

The ads have been broadcast on 22 stations across the US but A-B, which insists it has not changed the formula for Bud Light, succeeded in blocking the ads from airing on a further 10 networks. Miller decided on the changes to get the ads in front of a wider audience during the Thanksgiving period, a spokesman told just-drinks

"We submitted changed versions to get the ads on air," the spokesman said today (21 November). "We are still working on the substantiation (of our claims) with the networks and we have a 100% conviction behind those ads."

Miller was asked by the 10 networks to provide evidence to back up its claims. The brewer has pointed to its study of bitterness and carbonation levels in Bud Light, which, Miller argues, show "significant increases" in bitterness in the beer.