Miller Brewing is being sued for wrongful dismissal by a former Muslim employee, who claims he was discriminated against after the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001.

A report by Associated Press said that lawyers for Syed Alam, a Pakistani-born US citizen, are claiming Alam was asked if he sympathised with the attackers by a manager.

The suit said that Melissa Radke "asked him if he knew why 'Muslims attacked the United States.

"Naturally, (Alam) was deeply offended and said he had no idea why the attacks occurred," it added.

Associated Press said that the suit reports that Alam was fired in April 2004 for "not being a good employee" after an internal review failed to back his claim of discrimination.

A Miller spokesman said the allegations were unfounded.

A Miller spokesman said: "We thoroughly looked into Mr. Alam's claims of discrimination and determined them to be clearly unfounded. He was dismissed for performance after sustained efforts to assist him in improving his performance."