Miller Brewing has dropped part of its legal complaint against Anheuser-Busch. Miller's lawsuit against AB was filed on 26 May, and htough Miller has dropped one part, it intends to proceed with the remaining issues.

In the original lawsuit, Miller took issue with an AB print advertisement touting Bud Light as "The King of Beers" and referring to Miller Lite as "The Queen of Carbs."

"We are removing from the complaint the queen of carbs issue, which was scheduled for a preliminary injunction hearing on 29 June," Miller Brewing spokesman Scott Bussen said yesterday.

Bussen added, however, that the other issues coming out of the original lawsuit will continue on the schedule the court determines.

Miller Brewing has also claimed that AB's distributors have been placing AB stickers on Miller Lite cases, cans, bottles and advertising displays. AB has said that placing stickers on a competitor's packaging is against company policy.