Miller Brewing has decided to pull the plug on advertising the Foster's brand on TV in the US and move on-line in an attempt to win over younger beer drinkers.

A spokesman for Miller, which holds the US licence to the Australian brand, said more import beer brands were using TV advertising and Foster's had become "a little lost" among the competition.

Consumption of import beers is booming in the US with drinkers, especially younger consumers, switching away from domestically-produced brands to foreign labels, like Heineken and Corona.

Foster's has been advertised on TV since the 1990s under the 'Australian for Beer' campaign but the spokesman said the brand needed an "update".

"We needed to rejuvenate the brand and find a better way to connect with our target consumers," he told just-drinks today (3 August).

"The core Foster's drinker was skewing a little bit older and we needed to get our consumers a little bit younger to between 21- and 27-years-old. People of that age use on-line as their media of choice and like to control their media consumption on their terms - where they want and when they want."

The new Foster's campaign - with the tagline 'Crack open a friendly' - launches this month with ads on, a music site aimed at young men.

Last year, Miller spent around US$5m on advertising Foster's on TV and the spokesman said investment behind the new campaign would be "around that range".

The spokesman admitted that brewers like Miller need to be careful of cannibalising sales of its domestic brands when it gave greater attention to its import stable.

He added: "But if you look at sales in the US right now, import and craft beers are exploding again and we need to optimise the performance of our portfolio to operate in all segments to the best of our competitive ability."