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Mike's Hard Lemonade Co's Mike's Hard Chocolate Cherry

Category - Flavoured Malt Beverage, 5% abv

Available - From this week until January

Location - US, off-trade

Price - SRP of US$16.99 for 'Mike's Hard Lemonade Winter Grab Bag'. On promotion at around $12.99

Distribution - Mike's Hard Lemonade Co

Mike's Hard Chocolate Cherry is available in a variety pack, along with Mike's Hard Winter Blackberry and Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade.

The variant and variety pack will target the holiday season in the US.

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Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. is bringing something refreshingly different to the festivities this holiday season – a brand new flavor, mike's hard chocolate cherry , available only for a limited time. Now through January 2013, mike's hard chocolate cherry will be available on shelves in the mike's WINTER GRAB BAG which also includes mike's hard winter blackberry and mike's hard cranberry lemonade.

With the launch of its first ever holiday variety pack, mike's enters the season of celebration poised to put its "always different, always refreshing" stamp on the marketplace.

"From Halloween to New Year's Eve, the weekends are filled with festive parties, feasts and reasons to have fun with friends and family. Mike's is all about more flavorful experiences, so this year, instead of eggnog, we're giving people a chance to celebrate with something totally new and different—our mike's hard chocolate cherry," says Andy Horrow, chief marketing officer, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Co.

mike's hard chocolate cherry, a beverage that balances the sweet flavors of smooth chocolate with fresh cherry for a satisfyingly tart kick, will help bring back the fun of all the holidays this season. Mix it up this year: bring mistletoe to the Halloween party, add some spice to your Thanksgiving turkey, leave Santa a mike's hard chocolate cherry by the fireplace.

Consumers can also get in on the fun online thanks to a number of interactive offerings on the Mike's Facebook page. From chances to snap pics of your mike's bottle dressed up for Mike's Masquerade to the M.I.K.E. of Today (a most noteworthy mike's fan) to holiday polls and more, mike's online social engagement has a little something for all its fans.

To add another jingle to this festively different holiday season, Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. will sponsor a series of holiday film screenings around the country. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, mike's invites everyone age 21+ to enjoy the cult movie classics Bad Santa or the original Black Christmas (1974) at stops in 12 cities: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, NYC, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. Ticket includes access to the movie, introductions from special guests, and choice of two mike's hard lemonade beverages, including the new hard chocolate cherry. Details and links to get tickets will be announced shortly via Facebook.

About Mike's Hard Lemonade Co.

Chicago-based Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. defined the $1.7 billion dollar flavored malt beverage category with the introduction of its ground breaking mike's hard lemonade in 1999. Mike's core product line is comprised of premium malt beverages including mike's hard lemonade , mike's HARDER lemonade , mike's HARDER PUNCH , mike's classic margarita.

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