The US is about to take delivery of the world's first clear "ultra-premium" coconut brandy.

Mendis International confirmed yesterday (13 March) that Mendis Coconut Brandy will be available in the US on pre-launch from this month. The brandy is distilled from the essence of the coconut flower in pot stills and matured for a minimum of two years in Hamilla wood casks.

"Mendis coconut brandy will give consumers exactly what they are looking for - 100% natural flavour in a clear mixable form. Just as Grey Goose shook-up the vodka market, so will Mendis for brandy," said Chris Richardson, president and CEO of Mendis International.

Mendis International said it will back the pre-launch with a Web promotion, which will run from next week. Mendis will have street-level marketing campaigns focused in the New York City area.

The brandy will be available on general release in the country from the autumn in 750ml bottles.