A storm has blown up in the UK media today after Coca-Cola confirmed that the source for its Dasani water brand is tap water. Following the announcement from Coca-Cola yesterday that the source for its new Dasani bottled water was the mains supply to its factory in Sidcup, Kent, national press and radio have seized on the story.

Dasani costs between 56 and 95p for a 500ml bottle, while UK water company Thames Water charges its customers 0.0316 pence for the same amount through the tap, The Times reported. The story was also covered by Radio 4's Today programme.

The Guardian reports that the tap water goes through three filters and then a process called reverse osmosis, which Coca-Cola describes as a technique perfected by NASA to purify fluids on spacecraft. Reverse osmosis filters are more often seen in little boxes under some household sinks that filter tap water. Coca-Cola says it also adds calcium, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to the water for taste.

Speaking to the Guardian, Coca-Cola's brand PR manager for Dasani said: "The source of the water is irrelevant. And we would never say tap water isn't drinkable. It's just that Dasani is as pure as water can get - there are different levels of purity."