The head of McGuigan Simeon is trying to arrange a meeting with disaffected grape growers, according to reports.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation said today (9 January) that Brian McGuigan hopes to meet with growers on 24 January.

Late last year, McGuigan Simeon decided to suspend or not renew contracts with grape growers due to excess supply in Australia's wine industry and a slump in domestic wine sales.

"What it (the meeting) will do is to acknowledge the fact that the company respects growers, but will also bring to growers' attention the problems that not only we but the industry generally has in handling the crops from previous record vintages," McGuigan was quoted as saying.

"We've acted, we believe, legally and properly, but that will emerge in due course if the growers decide to take any legal action against us," he told ABC News.

Riverland Wine Grape Growers, who last week warned that it is considering litigation in the matter, is unlikely to meet McGuigan Simeon before its members start harvesting their crops, the report noted.