Click through to view Courvoisier & Curlier 1789

Click through to view Courvoisier & Curlier 1789

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Maxxium has unveiled the world's oldest Courvoisier vintage in London.

Courvoisier & Curlier 1789 dates back to the French Revolution and was bottled by the Curlier brothers, nephews of Courvoisier founder Felix Courvoisier, Maxxium said yesterday (5 December). The company is part of a global sales and distribution alliance between Beam Inc and The Edrington Group

The GBP95,000 (US$153,000) bottle is on show until Saturday at L’Atelier de Courvoisier in the Harrods Wine Shop.

Four other rare Courvoisier vintages are on display, priced from GBP9,500 to GBP38,500, Maxxium said.

Maxxium UK’s marketing controller for luxury brands, Chris Anderson, said the event “will be the highlight of the year for Cognac aficionados”.

In September, Maxxium launched Beam brand Jim Beam Devil's Cut in the UK following its rollout in the US last year.